Suppose your university is going to host a summer camp for high school students. Write a notice to
1) briefly introduce the camp activities, and
2) call for volunteers.
You should write about 100 words on the ANSWER SHEET.
Do not use your name or the name of your university.
Do not write your address.

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Para 1
The Students’ Union is arranging a summer camp for high school students to broaden their horizon and experience different life. The camp is scheduled on July 15th and will end on July 22nd.That is to say, it will last for about one week and the theme is Loving Your Country, Loving the World.

Questions 2/3

Para 2
Different kinds of activities are included during the camp, like knowledge competition, patriotic songs contest, drama contest and so on. As some foreign students will also attend the camp, some volunteers are needed. Volunteers should be those who are good at oral Enlgish and also take an active part in activities.

Questions 3/3

Para 3
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Students' Union


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