Write an essay based on the following table. In your writing, you should

1) describe the table ,and
2) give your comments

You should write at least 150 words(15points)

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①The table above gives the information about the survey of employment satisfaction in a company. After carefully studying the data in the table, we may safely conclude that the percentage of people under 40 who hold unclear or discontent feeling with their jobs are 50% and 33.3% respectively. 64% of those between 40 to 50 are not satisfied and no one feel satisfied at all while the degree of satisfaction, for people over 50, largely exceeds the other groups, amounting to 40%。

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②A great many reasons might have contributed to the differences, and here I would like to lay stress on the following two reasons. First, owing to the enormous pressure from supporting the family, the enjoyment in work for middle-aged people has obviously decreased. In addition, since the seniors have developed a lot in personality through the previous working experience, they can keep a positive attitude and see the optimistic respects of the work.

Questions 3/3


③Taking all the above analysis into consideration, we can safely reach a conclusion that the seniors have more satisfaction and enjoyment in the work than the young and middle-aged people under 50.


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