Questions 1/10

双否定译肯定1:I could not see you and not love you.

Questions 2/10

双否定译肯定2:There can be no sunshine without shadow.

Questions 3/10

否定后移1:I don’t think he will come.

Questions 4/10

否定后移2:It is not my opinion that he is the best man for the job. 

Questions 5/10

特殊结构1:The wood bridge is anything but safe. 

Questions 6/10

特殊结构2:I have yet to learn the new skill. 

Questions 7/10

特殊结构3:You might as well burn the book than give them to her. 

Questions 8/10

特殊结构4:We cannot finish the work in the absence of these conditions. 

Questions 9/10

特殊结构5:That lazy boy went to class before he had prepared his lesson.

Questions 10/10

特殊结构6:I missed what he said because of the noises.


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