Questions 1/15

肯定译否定1:My guess is as good as yours.

Questions 2/15

肯定译否定2:I love you more than I can say.

Questions 3/15

肯定译否定3:His explanation is far from being satisfactory.

Questions 4/15

肯定译否定4:I would rather go out for a walk than stay in the room do nothing. 

Questions 5/15

肯定译否定5:You should know better than to make noise while the others are sleeping.

Questions 6/15

肯定译否定6:The above facts insist on the following conclusions.

Questions 7/15

否定译肯定1:I couldn’t agree more about it.

Questions 8/15

否定译肯定2:His story was nothing but lies.

Questions 9/15

否定译肯定3:She is no less diligent than her sister.

Questions 10/15

否定译肯定4:We did not notice this matter until yesterday.

Questions 11/15

完全否定1:They are not our friends. 

Questions 12/15

完全否定2:They are no friends of ours.

Questions 13/15

部分否定1:All that glitters is not gold. 

Questions 14/15

部分否定2:Both the windows are not open. 

Questions 15/15

部分否定3:Not everyone accepts his proposal.  


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