Questions 1/20

    This is the first round.

Questions 2/20

    Have a cup of coffee. 

Questions 3/20

    Have breakfast.

Questions 4/20

    Have a cold.

Questions 5/20

    Have a try.

Questions 6/20

    This is the first round.

Questions 7/20

    There is a round table in the room.

Questions 8/20

    Round the corner slowly. 

Questions 9/20

    He walked round the house.

Questions 10/20

    Come round tomorrow. 

Questions 11/20

    I pick up a book from the floor.

Questions 12/20

    Could you pick me up at 7? 

Questions 13/20

    He slipped and fell, but quickly picked himself up.

Questions 14/20

    She picked up a used camera at the flea market. 

Questions 15/20

    His health picked up after a week in hospital.

Questions 16/20

    Survivors of the air disaster were picked up by small boats. 

Questions 17/20

    Don’t pick up strange boys.

Questions 18/20

    How can you manage to pick up the language in such a short period of time?

Questions 19/20

    The murderer was picked up within 24 hours. 

Questions 20/20

    We picked up the story again at the point where Jack has lost his job at the newspaper.