Questions 1/14

增词法1:That shirt is indeed cheap and fine.

Questions 2/14

增词法2:We don’t retreat, we never have and never will.

Questions 3/14

增词法3:Such a conclusion can be drawn with confidence.

Questions 4/14

增词法4:It is generally considered not advisable to act that way.

Questions 5/14

增词法5:He is always a back-seat driver.

Questions 6/14

减词法1:We live and learn.

Questions 7/14

减词法2:He who hesitates is lost.

Questions 8/14

减词法3:Smoking is prohibited in public places.

Questions 9/14

减词法4:She covered her face with her hands as if to protect her eyes.

Questions 10/14

重复1:Jane is your friend as much as he is mine.

Questions 11/14

重复2:He gave me a book which I kept to this day.

Questions 12/14

重复3:Light travels more quickly than sound does.

Questions 13/14

隐喻1:It is regrettable that our appeal remained a dead letter.

Questions 14/14

隐喻2:Youth looks forward and age backward.


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