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Thanks to an accident of history, most Americans receive health insurance through their employer, with the government picking up the bill for the poor and the elderly. This curious hybrid(混合物) certainly has its strengths. Americans have more choice than anybody else, and their health-care system is much more innovative. Europeans’ bills could be much higher if American medicine were not doing much of their Research and Development(R&D)for them. But there are also huge weaknesses. The one most often cited—especially by foreigners—is the army of uninsured. Some 46 million Americans do not have cover. In many cases that is out of choice and, if they fall seriously ill, hospitals have to treat them. But it is still deeply unequal. And there are also shocking inefficiencies: by some measures, 30% of American health spending is wasted.
Q: It is implied in the passage that_________.

  • AAmerica’s health system has its strengths and weaknesses
  • Bthe US government pays medical bills for the poor and the elderly
  • Csome 46 million Americans do not have medical insurance
  • DEuropeans benefit a lot from America’s medical research


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