Questions 1/3

Specialization can be seen as a response to the problem of an increasing accumulation of scientific knowledge.
Q. The direct reason for specialization is ________.

  • Athe development in communication
  • Bthe growth of professionalization
  • Cthe expansion of scientific knowledge
  • Dthe splitting up of academic societies

Questions 2/3

Prior to the 20th century, many languages with small numbers of speakers survived for centuries. The increasingly interconnected modern world makes it much more difficult for small language communities to live in relative isolation, a key factor in language maintenance and preservation.
Q: Minority languages can be best preserved in __________.

  • Aan increasingly interconnected world
  • Bmaintaining small numbers of speakers
  • Crelatively isolated language communities
  • Dfollowing the tradition of the 20th century

Questions 3/3

Anyway, the townsfolk can’t understand why the Royal Shakespeare Company needs a subsidy. The theatre has broken attendance records for three years in a row. Last year its 1,431 seats were 94 per cent occupied all year long and this year they’ll do better.
Q. According to the townsfolk, the RSC deserves no subsidy because _____

  • Aticket prices can be raised to cover the spending
  • Bthe company is financially ill-managed
  • Cthe behavior of the actors is not socially acceptable
  • Dthe theatre attendance is on the rise


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