Questions 1/5

______born in Chicago, the author is most famous for stories about New York City.

  • AAlthough
  • BSince
  • CAs
  • DWhen

Questions 2/5

He can continue to support himself and his family _______he produces a surplus.

  • Aonly if
  • Bmuch as
  • Clong before
  • Deven since

Questions 3/5

This was not a volunteer soldier, not someone well paid,       an average guy.

  • Aand
  • Bnor
  • Cbut
  • Dhence

Questions 4/5

I’ve decided to learn photography ______I may better appreciate the beauty of nature.

  • Ayet
  • Bin order that
  • Cas
  • Dnext

Questions 5/5

Third, the use of paper checks gives consumers several days of "float" - it takes several days_____a check is cashed and funds are withdrawn from the issuer's account, which means that the writer of the check can cam interest on the funds in the meantime.

  • Aunless
  • Bbefore
  • Chowever
  • Dwhy


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