Questions 1/3

Some Americans don’t have enough to eat, but, in the same time, a lot of food is wasted. This______ distribution of resources must be changed.

  • Aimproper
  • Bimperative
  • Cimpatient
  • Dinfeasible

Questions 2/3

_______children spend more time in front of the TV and less time on a good book, their reading abilities have also suffered.

  • ASince
  • BSo
  • CMoreover
  • DFurthermore

Questions 3/3

Getting enough vitamins is essential to life, although the body has no nutritional use for excess vitamins. Many people, _______, believe in being on the “safe side” and thus take extra vitamins.

  • Anevertheless
  • Btherefore
  • Cmoreover
  • Dmeanwhile


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