Questions 1/4

A large part of a person’s memory is in terms of words and ____ of words.(2001,30)

  • Acombinations
  • Bcorrections
  • Ccoordinations
  • Dcollections

Questions 2/4

The high living standards of the US cause its present population to ______25 percent of the world’s oil.

  • Aassume
  • Bconsume
  • Cresume
  • Dpresume

Questions 3/4

Countries like Russia, Venezuela and Iran are well supplied with rising oil______, a change reflected in newly aggressive foreign policies. (2009,33)

  • Ainterests
  • Btaxes
  • Cincomes
  • Drevenues

Questions 4/4

It would be extremely unwise for a foreign visitor to work without a permit, since anyone doing so is      ______to immediate deportation.(2002, 44)

  • Aapt
  • Blikely
  • Cliable
  • Dinclined


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