Olympic Games are held every four years at a different site, in which athletes 1 different nations compete against each other in a 2 of sports. There are two types of Olympics, the Summer Olympics and the Winter Olympics.

    In order to 3 the Olympics, a city must submit a proposal to the International Olympic Committee (IOC). After all proposals have been 4 , the IOC votes. If no city is successful in gaining a majority in the first vote, the city with the fewest votes is eliminated, and voting continues, with 5 rounds, until a majority winner is determined. Typically the Games are awarded several years in advance, 6 the winning city time to prepare for the Games. In selecting the 7 of the Olympic Games, the IOC considers a number of factors, chief among them which city has, or promises to build, the best facilities, and which organizing committee seems most likely to 8 the Games effectively.

    The IOC also 9 which parts of the world have not yet hosted the Games. 10 , Tokyo, Japan, the host of the 1964 Summer Games, and Mexico City, Mexico, the host of the 1968 Summer Games, were chosen 11 to popularize the Olympic movement in Asia and in Latin America.

     12 the growing importance of television worldwide, the IOC in recent years has also taken into 13 the host city’s time zone. 14 the Games take place in the United States or Canada, for example, American television networks are willing to pay 15 higher amounts for television rights because they can broadcast popular events 16 , in prime viewing hours.

     17 the Games have been awarded, it is the responsibility of the local organizing committee to finance them. This is often done with a portion of the Olympic television 18 and with corporate sponsorships, tickets sales, and other smaller revenue sources. In many 19 there is also direct government support.

    Although many cities have achieved a financial profit by hosting the Games, the Olympics can be financially 20 . When the revenues from the Games were less than expected, the city was left with large debts. (356 words)



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